Ingredients division is based on Apple Group’s established industrial and sales networks, and is engaged in the research

and development, production and sales of natural aroma chemicals, synthetic aroma chemicals and natural extracts."International" is the development

goals of APPLE. Apple Flavors & Fragrances USA Corp. which is located in New Jersey which is the center of flavors and fragrances industry in North America.

The professional marketing research and business development team is recommending Apple’s flavors and fragrances to the customers worldwide.

The R&D team of Apple Flavors and Fragrances USA are providing market trends and ideas into product development,
providing supports, services and directions for the demands on the global market place. Our experienced and professional R&D team with advanced technical and
manufacturing facilities has enhanced the technological standards and grade of Apple flavor and fragrance Group.

Aroma Ingredients
Fermentation Natural Chemicals
Synthetic Aroma Chemicals
Naturally Extracts
is engaged in synthetic aroma chemical research, development and production.
is engaged in the research, development and production of high quality natural aroma chemicals.

Henan HuaLong Aroma Chemicals Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Apple Aromatic Plantation Co., Ltd.

Shanghai KaiXin Biotech Co., Ltd.

is engaged in introducing, developing and cultivating new and improved natural species for commercial uses.

Shanghai Apple Botanic-Tech Co., Ltd.

is engaged in the research, development and production of high quality natural aroma chemicals and natural extracts.
R & D Base
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