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Food Flavor

For thousands of years, people keeps chasing delicious foods, travelling far way only for the search of finest flavors. Yes, that flavor, make the legend of long standing.

APFF is helping to get accomplish all the dreams of flavor seekers, devote to create the ultimate aroma and taste. We are equipted with advanced analytical instruments, we have several very senior flavorists and their team, professional food application engineers and energetic sales and marketing team. The customer service can be from new ideas to innovative concepts, from formula designing to final production, all we can give strong supporting.

APFF, for creation of aroma and tasty.

Ice Cream

Choice Us

People can not leave food, food can not leave aroma.

More than two decades, APFF focused on researching and developing flavors which are most preferred by Chinese consumers. Additionally, APFF established a joint venture with Aromatech, a major player in the food flavor industry. Well-known for its leading position in organic and natural flavors. This unique association  combines the market position and industrial performance of Apple Flavor & Fragrance with Aromatech technological expertise.

Choice us for high quality.
Choice us for innovation.
Choice us for excellence.

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